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ASI GAMES TECHNOLOGIES will provide all the resources so that you can craft your dreams. 

We will provide the best solutions for your startup or business using our technologies or those of our partners.

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Our Bank for Business

Get virtual or debit cards from Vortex Digital Bank or use the API for your business.

Our Publisher for Business

Publish your games or applications through ASI Games on consoles, mobile devices and HTML5.

This is just a small part. Make sure the products are available in your country.

How to start a Partnership?

Sign a contract with ASI GAMES TECHNOLOGIES to use all directions, or separately with brands that are part of ASI GAMES TECHNOLOGIES.


You will have access to use ASI Games, Vortex Digital Bank and Fondly Telecom completely to grow your business.


Receive full financing from ASI GAMES TECHNOLOGIES for your company, in case of project preparation using our resources.


We will create a special press release for your company, publish it in the world media, and also publish news about your project to create hype.


ASI GAMES TECHNOLOGIES will handle important marketing materials, investment in the advertising campaign of your projects and further promotion.


Increase your company's income, at least X5, using ASI GAMES TECHNOLOGIES resources, directions and capabilities.


eSim for Business

Make the most of eSim from Fondly Telecom.

Global 13 GB

Europe 12 GB

Africa Unlimited

World 6 GB

Caribbean 1 GB


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